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One on One Video Call
with Nicki & James

We have had many calls with people after arriving and shared plenty of value.

We are not here to sugar coat the experience as there are some things that require serious considerations. Things like safety, children and schooling have been some of the highest priority topics for many people.

If you would like a call with us to ask those personal questions and dip into the knowledge we have collected from others local and abroad, then this call is well worth the time.

Video Call with Nicki and James

$160 for 1 hour

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If you would like to contact us, please use the email form.  Currently Direct Messages are also open on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Our YouTube channel is a great resource for many questions.  Please check our regular Live YT videos for questions people have asked.

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Learn from our experience and fast track setting up the Bitcoin Life of Freedom here in El Salvador.  El Salvador and the world needs more people who believe in another way. 

Being here on the frontier of the worlds greatest financial technology shift is a life experience that comes rarely.  Find and connect with many like minded people who take action and responsibility for their lives.

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