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Property & Mortgage Information


If you would like more information about finding property or taking out a mortgage here in El Salvador as a non resident, please use the form to register and receive a PDF with contact information and more details.

Some basics;

  • Available to non-residents
  • Deposit paid in bitcoin
  • Proof of income
  • 7~9% interest
  • 20%+ deposit
  • Local bank

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change browsers, javascript also needs to be on.)

Our Interview & House Hunting with Gladys

Interview with Gladys

We talk to Gladys about non resident mortgages and what will be required to qualify.

The surprising part is how many people are expat Salvadorians looking to return.

House Hunting

We go with Gladys to look at 3 different styles of property in Playa San Diago.

It is very interesting to see what is available.

If you would like more information on anything you see here, please use the form at the top of the page and you will have access to Gladys contact details.  You can also contact us directly and ask any questions.

James Gladys Nicki at Bitcoin Landing Spot

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