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What you will find here.

Take a look at the overview below.
We have broken the journey into sections or steps.
We highly recommend you start at the beginning and work through it.
If you have already completed early steps, you can jump to where you need to be.

Disclaimer: This document is created as a guide to help show people the basics.  There is no warranty with this document.  It is recommended anyone here also researches each topic more and further.  Bitcoin is about self responsibility and helping each other.

Stage One

Personal Security Online

Before we start working with Bitcoin we need to have our personal security under control.  

Bitcoin and Password Managers

Password Managers

Organising our password life and securing accounts is the highest priority.  Sometimes our passwords are leaked by services we trust.  And this can give hackers access to many more accounts.

Here we share how to simplify while increasing security.

Bitcoin and 2FA or MFA

2FA or Two Factor Authentication

Also known as MFA or Multi-factor Authentication.

If we only use a username and password hackers can have easy access to our accounts.

There are software and hardware solutions with hardware generally being more secure as it is offline.

Stage Two

Bitcoin Wallets

There are many ways and many security issues around choosing a wallet, creating a wallet and backup of wallets.  A lot of time is needed to learn.  The following is by no means complete or the best way.

Software Wallets

Software wallets are often on your Personal Computer or Mobile Phone can be faster and easier to setup.  But can also be of higher risk due to internet connections and spyware.

Here we share a wallet and basics of setting one up.

Hardware Wallets

This is a very big topic.

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