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Two Factor Authentication

What you will find here.

Why 2FA or MFA is important.
Recommended 2FA Software and Hardware.

2FA vs MFA Definition

These terms can be used interchangeably, even though there is a difference. 

The main point is to have a second form of authentication that is not easily accessible to an attacker. 

2FA is Two Factor Authentication
MFA is Multi-factor Authentication


Bitcoin and 2FA or MFA

Why 2FA is Important

An Added Layer of Security for Accounts

A strong password is not enough.  Adding an extra step using a 2FA key will make it much harder for people to access your accounts.

The 2FA key or password is often generated by a second device that people need to have physical access to.  Like a smart phone with the 2FA software or USB 2FA hardware key.

There are many variations of 2FA key generators and lots of research is always good to understand the Pro’s and Con’s that work for your personal situation best.


Like many of these tools, it is important to know how they are backed up and how those backups are stored, so if there is a problem, you are not locked out of your account.

Email 2FA

Email 2FA

Email accounts can be used as a Second Factor Authentication.  This can be a fast, low cost first step.  It is important to make sure your email password is secure and also turn on 2FA here as well, often done through a mobile phone if you do not have another method.


  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to use
  • No extra cost


  • Possible for hackers to gain control
  • Online service
  • Email account can be disabled by service provider



Authy 2fA MFA

Authy is a very convenient software tool.  It backs up and keeps track of all your 2FA codes.  It can be sync’ed between multiple devices.  Has security measures to try and reduce the risk of hackers gaining access.


  • Easily backup
  • Easy to use
  • No extra cost


  • Private code
  • Online service
Yubico Key 2FA MFA

Yubi Keys are a great 2FA hardware solution.

The best place to buy is from their official website.

But we also know many people like the convenience of Amazon, so best to buy from their official Amazon Store and also verify the device when it arrives before using it.

I would recommend buying a minimum of 3.

  • Use one
  • One backup
  • One offsite backup 


  • Very secure from online attacks


  • More expensive


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