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Password Managers

What you will find here.

Why a password manager is important.
A recommended password manager.
How to make it safer.

Why Password Managers are Important

Simplify and Improve Password Management

Many people use memorable passwords and they reuse them on multiple services.

Unfortunately if a hacker breaks into 1 website and steals the database of passwords, they can now target many popular websites with your details to gain control.

This is where the password manager allows us to 

  • Remember 1 strong password
  • Have different and stronger passwords for each site
  • Conveniently add an extra layer of security 


The following password manager doesn’t have an easy “password recovery” method.  If you lose your password, you could lose access.  This is part of the security model they have chosen to protect accounts. 

Like Bitcoin, it is your responsiblity to keep your details safe offline.


  • Easier to manage
  • Unique passwords
  • Stronger password
  • Encrypted database


  • Always online access
  • Central point of failure
  • High profile target for hackers
Bitcoin and Password Managers

There are many password managers out there, the main reason we like this one, it is open-source.  Why is that important to us?  Simply put, security, the code can be audited by individuals to make sure there are no “back-doors” that allow the Developers or Govts to secretly unlock your account for a some reason.



Add an extra layer of security using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) or MFA (Multi Factor Authentication).

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