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Nicki & James in El Salvador


Excited to move to Bitcoin Country like us?!


~ Learn from our mistakes
~ Ask us any question
~ Save time & money

Individual Items

One-on-One Video Call

Video Call with Nicki and James

$160 for 1 hour of dedicated time with Nicki & James. Ask us all the tough questions.

Ebook Only

Nicki & James El Salvador Ebook - One Way Ticket to El Salvador

$200 for 25+ pages of documented experience setting up our life & business in El Salvador and applying for Residency.

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Learn from our experience and fast track setting up the Bitcoin Life of Freedom here in El Salvador.  El Salvador and the world needs more people who believe in another way. 

Being here on the frontier of the worlds greatest financial technology shift is a life experience that comes rarely.  Find and connect with many like minded people who take action and responsibility for their lives.

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