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Welcome to NJ El Salvador

We are Nicki and James. We left New Zealand with a one-way ticket to the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

We share our life and bitcoin experience through our social channels with the world.

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The Insiders Guide
One Way Ticket to El Salvador


Excited to move to Bitcoin Country like us?!

~ Learn from our journey
~ Ask us any question
~ Save time & money

We have compiled this information dense ebook to help people make the most of their journey. It’s everything we would have liked to know if we did it again.

Eric Cram, Author

“To me, Nicki and James have been the most helpful and sincerely caring ambassadors of El Salvador’s Bitcoin community.

They are busy people, managing many projects while honestly living the fulfilling lives they share on their videos.  Yet they find time to support those who are willing to actively move forward in their pursuit of a better life here.

I highly recommend their Ebook and Video Call Package.  Start with this small investment in your own future.  It will pay for itself many times over, and give you an opportunity to spend time with two absolute gems.”
~ Eric Cram, Author of The Jesus Bitcoin Connection

Recommended Reading

There are a lot of books and articles that are good reads. But knowing which ones to start with can be challenging.

We have read the following and found them very useful in helping us identify things that were not making sense to us.

The books cover the topics of Bitcoin, but also how the world is rapidly changing and what it might look like and how to build a life that works for you, not your government.

Book - Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can't F*ck With
Book The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth
The Sovereign Individual

My First Bitcoin Diploma

My First Bitcoin Logo

Currently the My First Bitcoin Diploma is only in Spanish. You can view the GitHub repository here and check for new versions.

My First Bitcoin Free Diploma

We have downloaded the Spanish (3.0) version as a PDF and made it available here.

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Want to know when we have updates to share?  We are still learning a lot here in El Salvador and building our network.

On occasion there is information we think is valuable to others like us.  And we want to be able to share it easily.

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