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We live in Bitcoin Country, on a volcano!

We moved to El Salvador to be part of Bitcoin Adoption.  We have invested our time in documenting and networking our adventure.

  • Visiting many meetups
  • Being regular vendors at Bitcoin Farmers Market
  • Contributing to the largest Circular Economy, Berlin 

Explore our website, YouTube channel, X profile and more to learn about our daily life.

Nicki & James in El Salvador

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Answer Your Questions with a Call

Personal Video Call

We offer one-on-one video calls with people coming to El Salvador.

We provide value from our 2.5 years of experience and networking.

 We answer questions like;

  • Living on Bitcoin Standard
  • Where to go and stay safe
  • Residency and Citizenship 
  • Renting and buying property
  • Transportation and buying cars
  • And more…

Lots of this information can also be found in our eBook.


Nicki and James eBook One Way Ticket to El Salvador

Bitcoin Beach Interview

Insights on Life in El Salvador

We speak with Mike Peterson about our life in El Salvador, living at the Beach, Chivo ATM’s and why we are moving to Berlin, Usulutan.

If you would like more insights, here is a playlist with all the podcasts we have been on.

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This fun show is an opportunity for people to ask questions and learn more.

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  • Learn about life in Berlin 

This is an opportunity to connect with us no matter where you are in the world.